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Savvy And Sophisticated Representation In Property Division Matters

Dividing property, assets and debts is one of the more complex aspects of divorce. That is why it is important to work with a skilled and experienced attorney. My name is Christy M. Carlisle, and I am the founder of The Carlisle Law Firm, APC. I have more than 25 years of legal experience both as a family law legal assistant and family law attorney, and I regularly represent high-asset and high-income clients in all aspects of divorce, including property division.

Because I stay on the leading edge of developments in California law, courts and cases, I have the tools and resources to help you secure a favorable outcome, with no money left “on the table.” Whether your case is resolved in or out of court, I will work tirelessly to obtain your fair share of marital assets and to secure your financial future.

How Does Property Division Work In California?

California is a community property state. This means that, with few exceptions, assets obtained by either spouse during the marriage are considered jointly owned (community property) and are subject to equal division in divorce.

By contrast, separate property is typically property obtained by either spouse prior to marriage, property obtained after the date of legal separation or a gift or inheritance received during the marriage but intended for one spouse only.

There is also commingled property, which is more complex. A good example would be one spouse’s 401(k), the establishment of which predates the marriage. In that way, it would be considered separate property. However, contributions made to the account during the marriage would have been made with marital assets, meaning that at least a portion of the value of the 401(k) would be considered community property.

Suffice it to say, working with an attorney who has a strong knowledge of the law and an eye for detail can make a major difference in ensuring that you receive your fair share of assets.

Ready To Assist You With All Aspects Of Property Division

No matter how complex your finances and asset portfolio may be, I am ready to handle all aspects of property division on your behalf, including:

  • Accounting for all assets and characterizing them as community property or separate property
  • Business valuations and protection of a closely held business
  • Evaluating and dividing retirement accounts
  • Finding assets that your spouse may be trying to hide
  • Accounting for all significant debts and ensuring that they are also properly classified as separate or marital
  • Asset tracing issues

Asset tracing is an important part of the property division process. Sometimes, the only way to determine whether an asset is separate or community property is to trace it back to the source. I am prepared to utilize all legal tools available to ensure that assets are correctly classified and that your spouse discloses all assets. This includes filing for subpoenas. A negotiated resolution is often preferable, but if your spouse’s conduct makes that impossible, you can rest assured that I have significant litigation experience and a strong track record of success in the courtroom.

Discuss Your Concerns With An Attentive And Caring Attorney

If you would like to learn more about your legal options and get answers to your property division questions, contact The Carlisle Law Firm, APC, to schedule an initial consultation. You can call my office in Roseville at 916-782-2737 or reach out online.

My firm serves clients in Placer and Sacramento counties. I have practiced in numerous other California counties and will consider out-of-area representation. Contact me for further information.

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