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Whether you are struggling with a child or spousal support dispute, getting divorced, or need legal assistance with modifying a court order, I can help you. As a family law attorney, I have extensive experience and knowledge in representing clients in a variety of family law cases. I will tailor my approach to your case based on your goals to develop viable solutions to your various family law problems.

Leveraging Technology And Providing Personalized Care

My name is Christy M. Carlisle. As your lawyer, I am committed to providing high-quality legal representation that incorporates your personal and legal goals. While I am a solo attorney, I have a legal assistant who is my right hand and whom I trust to provide personalized attention and care to each client. I will never leave work that requires an attorney to be done by anyone but me.

I take the time to listen, answer questions, and communicate openly and honestly.

Another facet of serving my clients is leveraging technology, which allows me to securely share and transfer legal and sensitive documents with clients, enable clients to sign legal documents digitally, set up virtual meetings, and have easy access to bill pay.

While I take pride in using technology, my top priority is being client focused. When you call my firm, you will not get an answering service. My legal assistant or I will answer and greet you.

Proudly representing clients in Placer and Sacramento counties with various family law concerns

Family Law Is The Focus Of My Firm

As a family law attorney, I understand the emotional toll and frustration you may experience during these challenging times. Protecting the family dynamic is vital.

Whether you are going through a divorce, legal separation, a child custody battle, or a property division dispute, I will help you. I will employ my knowledge and leverage my 25 years of legal experience as a family law legal assistant and family law attorney to help you find an effective, efficient solution.

I will evaluate every detail of your case to determine the proper approach. Some matters may resolve with a direct approach while others may require a more aggressive approach. I always strive to be fair and ethical in advising my clients in all aspects of family law.

I have represented several clients in court trials, and if settlement negotiations cannot resolve your case, I have the skills and legal experience needed to fight for you and your family before a judge.

In addition to my legal experience, I believe continuing education is key to successfully representing clients in family law. I am actively involved with the local County Bar Associations and stay up to date on frequent changes in the law, local courts, and cases.

We Will Be There To Assist You Through Your Family Law Matter

A divorce, legal separation, child support, or an intense property of division dispute is, without a doubt, challenging to endure. With my legal representation, I will aggressively and compassionately guide you through the legal process focusing on your legal goals.

I will work to mitigate those fears and stresses and help you build a new future for you and your family.

Call The Carlisle Law Firm, APC, at 916-782-2737 or send me a direct message. All services are offered in Placer and Sacramento counties.

Giving Back And Being A Voice For Those In the Community

As a Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals member, I volunteer my time, experience, skills and resources to help low-income workers access vital legal resources, protect their rights, and have their voices heard.

By volunteering my legal advice, I can provide a resource at no cost to those people that would not otherwise have the finances to pay for legal assistance. I care about the community in which I live and work, and I hope to make a difference through my volunteering.

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